Ys by Rio Grande Games

Ys by Rio Grande Games
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Ys by Rio Grande Games
In Ys players are merchant-princes of Ys, a city erected by a King for his daughter. To enrich her city the Princess sent dragons out to capture ships carrying precious jewels, and now the city is filled with them. As a merchant your goal is to skillfully navigate your network of brokers to speculate the purchase of precious stones and thereby earning gold. At the end of the game, the player with the most gold wins.


In Ys by Rio Grande Games players are merchant-princes who use their network of brokers to acquire precious stones and gold. Each merchant's brokers are represented by 11 colored tokens. Brokers are placed throughout Ys at different markets in hopes that they will be able to reap the benefits from the most successful jewel markets. One interesting mechanism in the game is blinding; players place their some of their tokens behind screens before revealing them on the board. Ys relies heavily on strategy, but unlike some other heavy game it allows for a good amount of interaction between players during the game.

Box includes: 1 board. 56 wooden cylinders. 5 wooden disks. 145 wooden cubes. 56 playing cards. 4 screens. 1 stickers sheet. 1 rulebook.

Suitable for ages 12+ and 2-4 players

Playing time: 90 minutes

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