The Great Dalmuti

The Great Dalmuti
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The Great Dalmuti
Rank and place are taken literally in The Great Dalmuti (by Wizards of the Coast), and you can go from the throne to the floor in a single round.

Overview of the game:

In the Great Dalmuti cards are ranked from 12 to 1, and the number on the card also represents how many of those cards are in the deck (Twelve 12s, eleven 11s, and so on), the rarer the card the higher the rank. One player plays a certain number of cards of one rank (for example, four 10s), the next player then has to play the same number of cards in the next rank up (four 9s), he may complete his set with a wild joker. If the player cannot do this he must pass. Once the whole table has passed the cards are cleared and the player who laid the last set starts the next round. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards first and become The Great Dalmuti. Everyone switches seats according to rank and cards are re-dealt.

Box includes: 80 cards. Rulebook.

Suitable for ages 8+ and 4-8 players.

Playing time: 10-20 minutes.