Silicone Grease for Eyedropper Pens - 5ml

Silicone Grease for Eyedropper Pens - 5ml
Item# 4059

Product Description

This 100% silicone grease is used for sealing the threads of fountain pens that have been converted to eyedropper fill to prevent ink from leaking. Silicone grease won't damage the pen or the plastic it seals. The consistency of the silicone grease remains constant in temperatures from -40 degrees to 400 degrees, so there is no danger of ink leaking out as temperatures change. May cause temporary eye discomfort. Do not use on body or face. Do not ingest. Comes in a 5 ml (3/16 oz volume) container.

Read more about using silicone grease to convert fountain pens or refillable rollerball pens into eyedropper fill.

(Note: Please use caution when using this product. Even though silicone grease should not damage modern fountain pens, it has not been determined whether this product could damage vintage fountain pens or fountain pens made of natural materials such as bone or bamboo. Writer's Bloc is not responsible for any damages caused by application of this product or from possible ink leaks. Air travel may cause unexpected ink leakage due to pressure changes.)