Platinum Preppy Refillable Highlighter - Blue

Platinum Preppy Refillable Highlighter - Blue
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Platinum Preppy Refillable Highlighter - Blue
The Platinum Preppy Highlighter pen is an answer to avid learners everywhere. This refillable highlighter is great for people who highlight all their papers and books. Draws a medium, wet line. The Platinum Preppy Highlighter Pen barrel is made from recycled polycarbonate so it is easy on the environment. Replacement felt tips are available for this pen and it is compatible with the Platinum converter. Available in Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Blue. Highlighters include one sealed ink cartridge (felt tip is clean and unsaturated with ink until cartridge is inserted in the pen). Length: Cap on: 5.43" Cap Posted: 5.5" Cap Off: 4.87" Diameter: 0.5" (Sizes are approximate).

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