Pilot Parallel Pen 6.0mm Nib

Pilot Parallel Pen 6.0mm Nib
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Pilot Parallel Pen 6.0mm Nib
The Pilot Parallel Pen has been hailed as a major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design. This smooth writing pen delivers a crisp, wet line with consistent ink flow and is suitable for both beginners and advanced artists as well as both left and right handed writers. The corner of the nib can also be used for writing and produces a 0.5mm line perfect for drawing flourishes and serif details. The name of the Pilot Parallel Pen comes from its special nib consisting of two parallel plates. The Parallel Pen is especially treasured for its ability to produce beautiful gradated lettering. By holding the nib of your Parallel Pen pointing upwards, and then touching it for a few seconds with the nib of a different color Parallel Pen pointing downwards, some of the different ink color will transfer to the nib of your pen. Your writing will slowly transform from one color to another. The Pilot Parallel Pen comes with two ink cartridges (one black, one red), one cleaning converter, one nib cleaner and pen instructions. The Parallel Pen is approx 6.7" capped, 6.4" uncapped and cannot be posted. Pen weight approx 0.4 oz and the diameter is .5". Pilot recommends using only Pilot Mixable Color IC-P3 ink cartridges with this pen.

Pilot Parallel Pens are available individually with a 1.5mm nib, 2.4mm nib, 3.8mm nib and 6.0mm nib. Buy the set of 4 Pilot Parallel Pens and save!

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