Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Silver, Zig Zag

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Silver, Zig Zag
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Sale Price $10.31

Product Description

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Silver, Zig Zag
The Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen makes a great daily writer and provides good quality for an affordable price!

  • Silver color matte metal barrel and cap
  • Body is accented by a zig-zag patterned glossy band
  • Stainless steel medium nib
  • Cartridge/Converter filling system
  • Chrome trim and clip
  • Snap-on cap
  • Pen weight approx: 0.9 oz
  • Pen size approx: 5 1/4" capped, 4 3/4" uncapped, 5 7/8" posted
  • Compatible with Pilot Namiki fountain pen ink cartridges (IC-100 or IC-50)
  • Compatible with Pilot squeeze converter or Pilot CON-50
  • Includes: gift box, ink cartridge, squeeze converter
  • Pilot part #91102

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