Pelikan Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen - Violet, Left-Handed Nib

Pelikan Pelikano Junior Fountain Pen - Violet, Left-Handed Nib - Click to enlarge
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The Pelikano Junior fountain pen is designed by Pelikan for use by children, but it has fans in all age groups. This sturdy pen comes with a rounded stainless steel "L" nib for left-handed writers (also available with an "A" size right-handed nib) and produces a wet medium-broad line. It is a surprisingly smooth writer for a pen of this price. The Pelikano Jr. has a specially developed rubber grip that assists with proper finger placement. The raised "Pelikano" lettering on the pen cap and 2 oval bumps on the body keep the pen from rolling. A name sticker (included) can be placed inside the pen near the ink catridge, and when the pen is put back together the owner's name is visible on the outside through the barrel. The modern translucent body is available these bright colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet and Turquoise. Includes one giant blue ink cartridge. Compatible with Pelikan ink cartridges or the Pelikan ink converter. Approx size: capped 5.1", posted 6.1", diameter 0.5". No. P68 924910


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