Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection - Onyx

Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection - Onyx
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Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection - Onyx
Pelikan's Edelstein Premium Ink Collection is formulated with a special ingredient to provide an extra smooth writing experience and high-performance care for your fountain pens. Each one of these vibrant colors corresponds to the beautiful hue of a precious gem. The name Edelstein (pronounced 'EY-dell-shtine') comes from the German word for gemstone. The classy, sophisticated design of the bottle makes it worthy of display as a treasured ornament on your desk. Gemstone colors include: Sapphire (blue 339 390), Onyx (black 339 408), Mandarin (orange 339 341), Ruby (red 339 358), Aventurine (green 339 366), Jade (light green 339 374) and Topaz (blue-violet 339 382). per 1.7 fl oz (50ml) bottle.

Color samples are approximate. Use this sample as a general reference only.


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