Noodler's Ink - La Coleuer Royal

Noodler's Ink - La Coleuer Royal
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Noodler's Ink - La Coleuer Royal
Noodler's Ink is well known by fountain pen enthusiasts for offering a wide variety of colors at an affordable price. Safe for fountain pens of all types, this ink provides archival quality. Noodler's Ink has a catfish on the label and is 100% made in the USA. 3 oz bottles.

Color samples are approximate. Use this chart as a general reference only.

NOTE: Noodler's Ink bottle design may vary from the product photos shown


30ml Blunt Tip Needle Bottle for Refilling Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges
Easily refill your empty fountain pen ink cartridges and save money with this blunt tip needle bottle. The top of the bottle features a blunt tip needle that is attached to a screw off lid. The rubbery tip that covers the blunt needle helps to prevent spills. This round bottle is made of flexible plastic and holds up to 30 ml (1 oz) of ink. (Ink, cartridges, funnel & accessories are sold separately.)


  • Put some ink into the needle bottle - a small funnel can be used to make this easier.**
  • If you are changing ink colors it would be a good idea to clean your fountain pen and rinse out your empty cartridge with water first. A blunt tip needle bottle filled with clean water is a good way to rinse out ink cartridges. You may want to let the cleaned pen and ink cartridge dry overnight before you refill them.
  • Insert the blunt tip needle through the small opening on the end of the cartridge down towards the bottom end of your empty cartridge. This way as you fill the cartridge the air will naturally come out the top.
  • Gently squeeze the needle bottle and fill the cartridge or converter not quite to the top with ink. Remove the needle from the cartridge while you are still squeezing the bottle. Top off the ink in the cartridge if necessary.
  • Put the refilled ink cartridge into your fountain pen and you're finished!

**Note: The opening on the top of this bottle is quite small. To fill the bottle with ink you will need a small funnel, eyedropper, another needle bottle or something similar. If you are using the small funnel from the Writer's Bloc store, place the narrow end of the funnel into the top of the open bottle. Fill the funnel about 3/4 of the way with ink. Gently lift the funnel a tiny bit upwards from the top of the bottle (only about 1/16 of an inch is necessary) to allow the air out of the bottle. The ink will then fill the bottle.
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Clairefontaine Double Sheets 200 pages A4 French Rule, Pastels
Clairefontaine Copies Doubles Perforees, or Double Sheets, are large sheets of 90g French rule paper folded in half to make A4 size sheets. Package includes 200 pages/100 sheets (10 sections or signatures of 20 pages each) with hole punches to accommodate various binder rings. Pastel colors: yellow 40 pages, blue 60 pages, pink 60 pages and green 40 pages. A4 size: 8 1/4" x 11 3/4". C47111
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Platinum Mixable Fountain Pen Ink Bottle - Aurora Blue
Platinum Mix Free fountain pen ink allows you the freedom to mix inks safely while creating a rainbow of your own custom ink colors. Aurora Blue (AB) ink is one of nine Mix Free colors that are all pH balanced and completely compatible with each other. 60ml bottle. (INKM-1200 55)

Purchase additional Mix Free ink colors: Sunny Yellow (INKM-1200 30), Leaf Green (INKM-1200 41), Earth Brown (INKM-1200 62), Flame Red (INKM-1200 11), Cyclamen Pink (INKM-1200 21), Silky Purple (INKM-1200 28), Aurora Blue (INKM-1200 55), Aqua Blue (INKM-1200 57) and Smoke Black (INKM-1200 1).
Get dilution liquid, extra bottle and syringes in the Platinum Mix Free ink mixing kit.

click here for more information abut mixing inks using Platinum Mix Free Fountain Pen Ink and Mixing Kit.
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Platinum 3776 Series Fountain Pen - Black, Rhodium Trim
The Platinum 3776 Series of Fountain Pens are named after the height in meters of Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. This Platinum 3776 fountain pen has an 14K gold nib, black AS resin body, rhodium trim and a screw cap. Comes with one ink cartridge, one converter and a gift box. Approximate size: Length capped 5.4". Length posted: 5.8". Diameter:0.57" (PTB-15000CR1)

Also available with a music nib or gold trim.

Platinum fountain pen ink cartridges are available in black (10 pack), blue-black (10 pack), red (10 pack), purple (2 pack), yellow (2 pack), pink (2 pack) and green (2 pack).
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Aston Leather Triple Pen Case - Hard, Tan
Aston leather pen cases are a sophisticated functional accessory that will compliment every writing enthusiast. Aston pen cases are scratch resistant, water resistant and durable which allows for long-lasting use. The leather is soft to the touch with a light grain. The firm frame and flap closure provide reliable protection for pens. The flap is slipped into a fitted pocket which securely keeps pens in the case. An inner flap folds down for easy insertion and removal of pens. Pens are separated by firm yet flexible leather folds. Holds three pens. Size approx. 6" X 3".

NOTE: Aston Leather pen cases and pouches are made with natural cow hide. Please keep in mind that coloration of the leather will differ slightly by batch.

Wondering if your pens will fit in this case? Compare the dimensions of your pens with Aurora Optima Demonstrator Fountain Pen and Platinum President Demonstrator Fountain Pen shown in the picture.
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