Noodler's Ink - Nikita

Noodler's Ink - Nikita
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Product Description

Noodler's Ink - Nikita
Nikita by Noodler's Ink is a bright fire engine red ink with a collectable label that spoofs former Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev. This ink comes in a 4.5 oz eyedropper bottle and includes a free eyedropper fill fountain pen.

(Note: Color, style & brand of free eyedropper pen provided by Noodler's may vary. Eyedropper pen may be discontinued by Noodler's without notice. Eyedropper pen may differ from the pen pictured on our website.)

Along with this bottled ink we recommend purchasing silicone grease to keep your eyedropper fill fountain pen from leaking.

When should I refill my eyedropper pen?