Noodler's Dragon Catfish Highlighter Ink - Pink

Noodler's Dragon Catfish Highlighter Ink - Pink
Item# 19818
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Product Description

Noodler's Dragon Catfish Highlighter Ink - Pink
Noodler's Dragon Catfish series highlighting ink is water resistant with fluorescence that is dramatic and striking. Safe for fountain pens and refillable highlighter pens, this ink provides archival quality, is pH neutral and is 100% made in the USA. While not as durable as Noodler's "Year of the Golden Pig", Dragon Catfish highlighter ink is "bulletproof" and far more durable than most highlighter inks available. Includes a free eyedropper fill highlighter pen to save money and help the environment. Size: 4.5 oz dropper bottle. #19818

(Note: Color, style & brand of free eyedropper pen provided by Noodler's may vary. Eyedropper pen may be discontinued by Noodler's without notice. Eyedropper pen may differ from the pen pictured on our website.)

Also available in Green and Orange

Along with this bottled ink we recommend purchasing silicone grease to keep your eyedropper fill highlighter pen from leaking.

When should I refill my eyedropper pen?


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