LAMY Vista Fountain Pen - Broad Nib

LAMY Vista Fountain Pen - Broad Nib
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LAMY Vista Fountain Pen - Broad Nib
The clear plastic body of the LAMY Vista Fountain Pen gives it a distinct modern look. This sturdy ABS plastic pen is designed with an ergonomic grip and a shiny chrome spring clip. Its transparent body and ink window allow you to see when your ink level is running low. The stainless steel nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. Compatible with LAMY T10 ink cartridge refills and the LAMY Z24 ink converter (sold separately). Includes one LAMY T10 ink cartridge. Approximate pen size: Length capped: 5.6". Length posted: 6.7". Diameter: 0.5". Model L12.

For a discounted price buy an extra nib at the same time as you buy your LAMY Vista. Nibs can be easily changed.

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