J. Herbin Wax and Seal Kit

J. Herbin Wax and Seal Kit
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J. Herbin Wax and Seal Kit
This sealing wax and seal kit from J. Herbin includes a wooden handle, one brass alphabet seal in Italic Script, and 4 sticks of Supple sealing wax.

J. Herbin's Supple Sealing Wax (Cire Souple) resists cracking or chipping when applied to envelopes being sent through the US mail. Supple Wax can be cut, so it is often used on bottles. J. Herbin sealing wax makes and retains crisp, sharp impressions when used with J. Herbin brass seals. Each stick makes approximately 7 seals. Each brass seal is approx. 15/16" in diameter. (H403, H407/40, H331)

Components can also be purchased separately.


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