Ink Mixing Kit

Ink Mixing Kit
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Ink Mixing Kit
The Writer's Bloc Ink Mixing Kit is the answer to your pleas for the perfect fountain pen ink color. This ink mixing kit includes ten 12ml test tubes and two pipettes. A test tube is perfect for mixing inks because you can see the proper proportions for your perfect color without wasting a lot of ink. These tubes are made of high-quality polystyrene to prevent any fountain pen ink from staining. The caps have dual flange rings, which offer a tight, leak-proof seal. Clear plastic pipettes make it easy to see how much ink you are using, and a consistent 25 drops per 1ml helps with proper proportions. All these materials fit nicely in a clear plastic case during use, and when you are finished just put the lid on for easy transport and storage. (Ink and fountain pen shown in photograph are not included.)

NOTICE: Writer's Bloc is not responsible for any accidents that may occur (spills, stains, etc.) while using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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