Early American Chrononauts

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If you could go back in time, what would you change? Find out with Chrononauts, a fun card game for anybody who's ever dreamed of time-travel. Designed by Andrew Looney (creator of Treehouse) this game incorporates elements of deduction and manipulation of history. Each player in the game is assigned a secret identity and a secret mission. Various cards are used to travel back and forth through time, changing history and collecting priceless artifacts.

Overview of game:

The game centers around the TimeLine, which consists of 32 cards on a 4x6 grid. First each player chooses a chrononaut identity and secret mission. Two ways to are win are to change history and return to your version of reality, or finish your secret mission by completing your collection of artifacts. Yellow Inverter cards are used to change events on the TimeLine. Of course, when history is changed paradoxes are created, fix these holes in history with the orange Patch cards. A third way to win is to repair a lot of paradoxes with these Patch cards. Blue Actions cards are single use cards that have their own specific instructions, follow accordingly. Purple Timewarp cards also have their own instructions; these the most powerful cards in the game because they distort actual game time. Collect artifact cards and have items like the Mona Lisa, Tomorrow's Newspaper Today, and a Live Stegosaurus! This Fluxx-style game has a lot going on, but what else would you expect from time travel? Box includes: 136 full-color playing cards, Rulebook.

Suitable for ages 11+ and 1-6 players.

Playing time: 20-45 mins

Won 2000 Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game

Watch it in action:

Kraken's Chrononauts Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSp38HYEDWQ


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