Delta Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen - Lava Stone, Fine Nib

Delta Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen - Lava Stone, Fine Nib - Click to enlarge
Item# DV80041-F
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Product Description

Delta Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen - Lava Stone, Fine Nib
The Delta Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen is ready to handle any app or writing project whether for business or pleasure. One end has a premium capacitive rubber stylus specifically designed for modern touch screen devices. The other end has a traditional platinum-masked fountain pen nib. In the middle is a sleek brushed metal barrel that firmly states this pen is maybe not so traditional after all. (DV80041)

  • Pen color: Lava Stone Black
  • Platinum-masked steel fine nib, iridium tip
  • Premium capacitive rubber stylus for touch screen devices
  • Cap and feed hand-turned from solid bars of mother of pearl acrylic resin
  • Rolling wheel on clip allows for easy pocket storage
  • Platinum masked trim with a gold accent band on the center ring
  • Screw-on cap
  • Compatible with short standard international ink cartridges
  • Compatible with the Monteverde mini converter
  • Includes one ink cartridge
  • Made in Italy
  • Pen weight approx: 0.8 oz
  • Pen size approx: 5.14" capped, 4.6" uncapped, 5.7" posted


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