Clairefontaine Clairing Notebook - Large, Lined with Margin

Clairefontaine Clairing Notebook - Large, Lined with Margin
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Product Description

The Clairefontaine Clairing notebook has a revolutionary disc binding system. With the Clairing system each piece of paper can be removed and placed back into the notebook at any desired location, making this notebook fully customizable. Organize and re-organize your notebook without ruining your work or your notebook! Specially punched loose sheets are held together by small plastic discs that make opening and closing the notebook easy without snagging. Follow the specialized directions for insertion and removal of pages and your papers will be secure and organized! Contains 144 pages/72 sheets of 90g white, lined with margin Clairefontaine paper. Approximately: 11 3/4" X 8 3/4" (8135C)

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