Clairefontaine A4 Size
4 Ring Binder - Black

Clairefontaine A4 Size<br>4 Ring Binder - Black
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Product Description

Clairefontaine A4 Size<br>4 Ring Binder - Black
This Clairefontaine 4 Ring Binder is specially sized to fit A4 size paper. Pull apart the rings with your fingers two rings at a time to insert paper. The cardboard cover is covered with a laminated Clairefontaine design paper on the outside and lined with plain white paper on the inside. (Note: This ring size does not accomodate standard USA 3 hole punch loose leaf paper.) Available with black, blue, red, yellow or green covers. Size approx: 10.25" x 12.5" x 1.75". 67414C

Buy Clairefontaine A4 size loose leaf filler paper for this binder:
200 pages, Lined with Margin
200 pages, Multicolor Graph
200 pages, White Graph
200 pages, Multicolor French Ruled
200 pages, White French Ruled
100 pages, White Blank


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