Citadels with Dark City Expansion

Citadels with Dark City Expansion
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Citadels with Dark City Expansion
Citadels is a card game that combines fantasy and strategy. The goal of this game is to build the greatest city of all, at the same time making sure your friends do not. Box includes Dark City Expansion, making this medieval themed game even more exciting to play. Watch the Citadels Game Review: (Gameshelf)


Citadels by Rio Grande Games begins with each player choosing a secret role, for example bishop, thief, or king. Each role has different abilities and allows the player to build their city using their district cards, gold coins, and individual strategies. However, some roles and strategies give the ability to sabotage other players; because the identities are secret players must always be second-guessing the intentions of their opponents. The first player to build a city with eight districts wins. The combination of interesting mechanisms make this a great bluffing and strategy game. The Dark City expansion includes 14 more district cards, a new wooden "King" piece, and 8 handy new Citadels reference cards.

Box includes:

8 Character cards. 66 District cards. 8 Reference cards. 30 gold coins. 1 new wooden crown marker. 10 new character cards. 14 new purple district cards.

Suitable for ages 10+ and 2-7 players

Playing time: 60 mins