Book Darts

Book Darts
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Book Darts
Book Darts are paper-thin metal line-markers that slide easily on to any page to mark a fact, idea or quote and help you to refind specific passages. They are the perfect tool to mark things worth rereading, to note key points as you read them, to help you go back to ideas worth reconsidering and to share discoveries. They do not stain or damage paper and eliminate the need to highlight, underline, bend page corners or use paper clips. To use, place a Book Dart at the desired line, close the book and gently press it in. These light-weight metal darts can be reused over and over again for a lifetime. The round tin contains 75 Book Darts in a mixture of three different metals: brass, bronze and stainless steel. Book Darts each weigh approx: 0.25g. Approx size: front marker 27mm, back fold 13.5mm. TIN75CT

"And though I ransacked the pages of that book, never again did I find the passage I knew was within." H. D. Thoreau

You don't have to know all the answers, just where to find them! A Book Dart is a way to save any reading from being lost.


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