Blunt Tip Needle Bottle for Refilling Ink Cartridges

Blunt Tip Needle Bottle for Refilling Ink Cartridges
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Blunt Tip Needle Bottle for Refilling Ink Cartridges
Easily refill your empty fountain pen ink cartridges and save money with this blunt tip needle bottle. The tip of the bottle features an 0.5mm blunt tip needle that is attached to a screw off lid. The cap that covers the blunt needle features a wire insert that helps to prevent clogs and spills. This oval shaped bottle is made of flexible plastic and holds up to 1.25 oz of ink.

  • Put some ink into the needle bottle - a small funnel can be used to make this easier.
  • If you are changing ink colors it would be a good idea to clean your fountain pen and rinse out your empty cartridge with water first. A blunt tip needle bottle filled with clean water is a good way to rinse out ink cartridges. You may want to let the cleaned pen and ink cartridge dry overnight before you refill them.
  • Insert the blunt tip needle through the small opening on the end of the cartridge down towards the bottom of your empty cartridge. This way as you fill the cartridge the air will naturally come out the top and not form too many ink bubbles.
  • Gently squeeze the needle bottle and fill the cartridge or converter not quite to the top with ink.
  • Put the refilled ink cartridge into your fountain pen and you're finished!

(Note: Ink and cartridges are sold separately.)

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